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561/2022 - Data Engineer 🔥

We are looking for a Data Engineer to integrate a challeging project!

The Project aims to optimize customer loyalty in the long term through targeted personalisation of frontends. At Client' Data, various assets are being developed for personalisation. These include images, editorial carousels and more. In the project, these assets are combined for playout on frontends and their performance is monitored across all channels. The project provides corresponding microservices for integration into the frontends.

Your Main Responsabilities:

  • Design and implement microservices in Python to provide the models via REST API, including functions for monitoring these models in production;
  • Deployment of the microservices in the productive Google Cloud environment, considering high availability requirement;
  • Implement data pipelines for preparation, provisioning and versioning of data for model training;
  • Consulting the Data Scientists in the development of Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, especially regarding the productive operation of these models
  • Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, GitLab;
  • Kubernetes, Docker, ArgoCD/Workflows;
  • Google Dataflow, BigQuery, BigTable;
  • Python, SQL;
  • Good level of English.
  • Integration in an organization with profound and sustained growth and involvement in pioneering projects with innovative technological solutions;
  • Strong IT training plans;
  • Professional evolution with intervention in ambitious technological projects, both national and internationally.

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