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Senior Account Executive 🔥

Senior Account Executive

Role Summary

The Senior Account Executive is responsible for ensuring that their personal sales consistently meet or exceed the established goals. The Senior Account Executive will focus on the professional trade to close sales opportunities by working closely with existing active clients, reestablishing productive relationships with existing inactive clients, and identifying and closing sales with new clients.

While the daily focus is on serving their own trade clients and achieving their own sales goals, the Senior Account Executive will also work collaboratively with the existing team to promote the achievement of the team’s established sales goals. The Senior Account Executive will perform in a way that consistently exceeds the Clients’ expectation of the Experience, the Service, and especially the Value, all while exemplifying our company values and culture and culminating in a sale(s).

The Senior Account Executive will report to the VP of sales and collaborate with the leadership team to execute the strategy to achieve the expected results.

Key Result Areas

  • Sales

  • Responsible for consistently achieving their personal sales and service goals while also supporting the sales activities of the Professional Sales team members to reach the overall sales goal

  • Constantly nurtures existing “trade” clients and is always looking to bring on new, qualified trade Clients to promote financial growth.

  • Establishes and maintains a consistent schedule of visits to “trade” clients to ensure sales opportunities are recognized and maximized.

  • Supports the leadership team in the development and execution of all sales goals and understands all aspects of the goal development methodology and application (how it all works)

  • Uses systems as prescribed to enter client data, analyze sales results, and identify and capitalize on existing opportunities.

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Consistently communicates with clients to ensure client satisfaction, that our services are top of mind with our clientele, and that we are achieving “vendor of choice” status.

  • Develops and executes a strategy to maximize results with clients that includes forecasting and analysis.

  • Conducts research to become a subject matter expert in the areas relevant to our clientele.

  • Fully utilizes CRM system to maximize personal sales and support the overall Pro Sales team’s results.

  • Effectively communicates client requests (product, financial, design, etc.) to the appropriate person/department

  • Attend and actively participate (uses the information learned effectively) in industry meetings, sales events, and training to keep abreast of the latest developments

  • Conducts sessions/events with clients including, but not limited to, Product Knowledge training, public relations events, and consumer-facing activities

  • Personal Development

  • Strives to consistently improve their existing professional skills as a means for personal and professional growth

  • Actively participates in all company-sponsored training programs and events

  • Obtains professional certifications as needed to promote the achievement of goals

  • Values Promotion and Maintenance

  • Acts in a manner that exemplifies and enhances the Advatix brand and company culture

  • Responsible for modeling, support, and adherence to company values

  • Holds others accountable to the company culture

  • Other Duties as Assigned

  • To be determined


Reports directly to the Vice President of Sales and operates collaboratively with the Leadership team.

The Senior Account Executive has no direct reports.


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