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Freelance Email Marketing Copywriter 🔥

Please read this job ad completely before applying.

About Riseable:

Riseable is a lean, fast-paced, and fast-growing agency that provides focused, conscious marketing solutions for aspirational brands. We work with influencers, lifestyle experts, service providers, and difference-makers. Essentially, if a business is committed to making a positive impact in the world, we’re here to help them grow.

We work on client projects that span from helping our local community, to global platforms that influence millions of lives. Our scope of work includes marketing strategy, landing pages, copywriting, marketing automation, paid advertising, and more. We love marketing and nothing lights us up like turning our ideas into real, trackable results for our clients.

About the Role:

You’d work on email marketing campaigns across a variety of brands. We send out weekly and monthly customer newsletters that you would be responsible for curating helpful information, and embodying the brand's voice. In addition, you would write individual sales emails, short (3-5 email) sales sequences, and emails for marketing automation.

This role requires the ability to write great subject lines, provide an enjoyable reading experience, and effectively convert sales. We ask that you have some experience in direct response and email marketing. We want someone who can understand the audience, inject emotion into the writing, and connect with the reader.

For each project, you will be provided a detailed brief with clear objectives from your project manager, and our clients usually need a quick 2-3 day turnaround time. Your work would primarily be email copy, but it’s a plus if you have experience in writing Facebook Ads, text blasts, and landing pages.


  • Understand the client’s audience and business objectives
  • Bring creativity to the emails that fit with the overall client strategy
  • Follow a clearly defined project brief
  • Do additional research when necessary
  • Provide deliverables in proper format
  • Accept feedback and iterate copy
  • Follow our project management system
  • Ask questions when needed
  • 2 years email copywriting experience
  • 2 years direct response experience
  • Familiarity with AP writing style
  • Experience writing for a wide variety of industries
  • Experience writing with humor and storytelling
  • Experience writing dialogue
  • Curiosity
  • Someone who loves all the intricacies of writing
  • Understanding of human psychology
  • Hard workers and disciplined in your practice
  • Ability to keep commitments
  • Clear and honest communication
  • Willingness to accept feedback and revise copy
  • An excellent eye for detail with few grammatical errors
  • A desire to work on projects that make an impact
  • Someone willing to push the line and be bold with copy when on-brand
  • Flexible schedule
  • On call
  • Self-determined schedule
  • What about the role motivated you to apply?
  • Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the role?
  • Direct Response: 2 years (Required)
  • Copywriting: 2 years (Required)
  • Email Marketing: 2 years (Required)

Work Location: Remote

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