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Remote Community Content Pro 🔥

Wholesale In a Box is hiring!
(And we can’t wait to hear from you.)



Wholesale In a Box is a tiny, vibrant, and growing company. We offer training and coaching that helps makers and independent product companies get their work into stores. We help our makers to grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. You can see more at wholesaleinabox.com. We also have a sister company, One Mill School. As a team, we often do work for either or both companies in a given day.

A reality of our company right now is that we’re changing fast, growing fast, and learning on the fly. That means that our team members need to be able to adapt, problem-solve, deal with some amount of ambiguity, and stay positive and solutions-oriented when things are challenging.

Our values:

  • Integrity comes first.

  • Overcommunication is good communication.

  • People over process/profit/product.

  • Strength comes from responding, adapting, experimenting, and doing a lot with a little.

  • We’re professionals -- internally and externally.

  • We bring our true selves to the work.

  • Writing articles and content for digital courses, blog posts, and web in collaboration with others on the team.

  • Writing educational materials for our customers, using an outline and source material.

  • Designing simple graphics and layouts that are beautiful and communicate well.

  • Refining and executing marketing strategies around content, website optimization, and social media.

  • An exceptional writer. A professional, warm, effective writer and communicator. You have excellent written and spoken English skills. You can adapt your tone and approach to stay within our brand voice.

  • Solutions-minded. Constantly looking for things that are out of place or could be improved and coming up with ideas to improve them.

  • Culturally sophisticated. You have a “gut sense” for trends in fashion, design and handmade products and are excited and interested to learn more. Perhaps you are a maker yourself.

  • Detail oriented. To you, the small things are important and you take pride in getting them right. You’re naturally gifted with grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and clear communication.

  • Self-directed. You are very good at managing your own time, tackling unfamiliar projects, and staying motivated when working by yourself.

  • Willing to learn. Naturally a reader, you are excited to learn about different marketing methods and the world of makers.



Hours will range from 3-15 hours per week. We need you to be available during weekdays and have approximately 24-hour turnaround time on tasks (on weekdays only). Other than that, you can set your own hours, but it's important that you're able to be responsive via email very reliably (within that 12-24 hour turnaround time). You need to have a well-functioning laptop with a great internet connection.

Employment structure: This role is a part-time, fully remote, flexible, hourly Independent Contractor position. The role is open to anyone around the world. That said, if you are not a US resident/citizen (or a US citizen living abroad, with a US address you can use as your “permanent address”), then you would need to be paid via FreeeUp, which would deduct 7.5% from your pay.