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Application Security Specialist 🔥

We are looking for a qualified AppSec Specialist to implement secure development processes and analyze application security through methodologies. In addition, will guide the development team on vulnerability remediation, integration of security testing into the SDLC/DevOps cycle. Finally, you will seed the application security culture for the entire company.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Responsible for the implementation of Secure Development and Application Security Analysis processes in large corporate clients, including: source code security review using SAST solution, validation of vulnerabilities found in source code, discussion of false positive cases, guidance to developers on vulnerability remediation, integration of security tests in SDLC/DevOps cycle, development and execution of training and support in application security operation with SAST solution;
  • Assist development and DevOps teams in identifying potential security risks, leading them to secure development best practices;
  • Plan and execute security tests within the DevSecOps treadmill;
  • Provide technical recommendations and remediation to teams;
  • Accompany meetings with business and development areas, providing appropriate advice;
  • Develop and apply security training and coding best practices;
  • Promote the Application security culture to several areas of the company.
  • Education in Information Technology or related field;
  • Experience in application security;
  • Experience in threat modeling oriented Security by Design;
  • Knowledge of PCI-DSS certification;
  • Experience with frameworks such as OWASP or OWASP Mobile Security Testing;
  • Experience in codereview and applying SDLC technique;
  • Knowledge in SAST and DAST methodologies and tools;
  • Familiarity with web and mobile internet related technologies (web applications, mobile applications, API oriented architectures) and network related protocols.
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Diversity and Authenticity at RecargaPay

We are a company formed by dream-makers. That challenges the status quo, the market, and the “always been like this” thing. That proposes the new, the different, that will, in fact, make a difference.
And we are doing it all because we are diverse. We are women, men and non-binaries, LGBTQIA + and heterosexuals, trans, cis and fluid gender. White, black, yellow and multicolored. Young, mature, with and without disabilities. And without defined patterns.

We are authentic. We are talented. Authenticity is what moves us.
That's why here at RecargaPay you are free to be who you are, every single day.

The use of your Data

The candidate, when sending the curriculum with personal and professional data to participate in RecargaPay's recruitment and selection process, is aware that the data will be used for the necessary analysis and validations throughout the recruitment process and for hiring, if necessary, as well as authorizes RecargaPay to share the curriculum data with other companies in the RecargaPay group in case opportunities arise in line with the candidate's profile.

In compliance with Law 13.709 / 18, LGPD - General Data Protection Law, the candidate may ask for the updating, rectification and modification of his information during the recruitment and selection process, or, still, request the non-use of the data under the terms applicable law.

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