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Senior Wordpress Developer 🔥

Taoti Creative is looking a Senior WordPress developer (Anywhere in North or South America)

For this role, we are open to in-house, remote, full time, and contractor status. Anywhere in North or South America (so that you can work east coast hours for collaboration purposes.) W2 and 1099 contractor options available. Note that almost a third of our team is in South and Central America, so we have a strong presence there and if you're from that area, you'd be in good company.

Things you'll do on the job: *

  • Lead the technical planning, user story and technical acceptance creation, and coding.
  • Guide and manage other developers that are contributing code to the project.
  • Estimate the level of development tasks within a project.
  • Identify and correct complex bugs and problems.
  • Plan technical architectures that minimize or eliminate performance problems, complexity, or solution fragility.
  • Work independently or with limited oversight to create high quality applications that meet specifications.
  • Serve as the technical lead in a client-facing capacity on medium and large-sized projects.
  • Write custom theme files and plugins for WordPress.
  • Build web sites and applications by writing object-oriented PHP and configuring and extending content management software (WordPress).
  • Assess existing sites/systems for code quality and interactive appeal.
  • Evangelize for best practices for open source development.

The challenges of this role…
Like any dev role, balancing timelines, budgets, requirements, and customer happiness is always a challenge. Because this is a senior level role, we generally expect you to be able to get up to speed quickly and be self-sufficient for the most part. You’ll be working in a team of 3-6 other developers under a Technical Manager that helps your team deliver its work. At any given time, you may be working on several projects at the same day, so jumping back and forth between projects is always a challenge in an agency environment, but we try hard to let developers focus more time on fewer projects when we can, as we understand that’s how we become more efficient as a group.

What it’s like to be a remote developer at Taoti*

Many companies hire remote developers and treat them like code monkeys that they pay to deliver code. Taoti is different. Taoti wants to hire you as part of our in-house team. And while you may not technically be under our office roof, you’re as much a part of the team as those who are. We’ll sing happy birthday to you over video chat, fly you to DC for company retreats, and communicate (usually via Slack) all day long with you. Better yet, you get many of the benefits that we offer the rest of our employees, like paid time off and holidays (and if you’re in the United States, health insurance, retirement account contributions, etc.) You’ll get a fixed monthly salary, regardless of how many hours you work, even if we have nothing for you to do (but that won’t be an issue—we always have work to do.) You may be technically be a subcontractor to us, but we’ll treat you like an in-house employee. And we want you to treat us the same way! (Note: Taoti has about 50 employees. About 20 of them are developers. And of those 20, more than half are spread throughout South, Central, and North America. Most of the non-developer staff is based out of our DC office, so we have a unique culture in that regard, but it works well.

Tips for getting onto the short list…*
First, you have to be a senior level developer and have the experience and code to show us that you really know what you’re doing. There will be several interviews and code reviews. It’s important that you’re a good cultural fit in addition to being an excellent coder. We want to know that you will work well with in a team both technically and socially. It isn't just about the code for us. Your personality and contribution to our culture are important to us as well. Finally, because we value communication and collaboration so highly, being located within +/-3 hours of the Eastern Timezone is important. We’ve found this amount of variation is what works best on our team, which is why 99% of our dev team is located within the Americas. Fluent English speaking and writing skills are also important.

What’s the corporate culture like?*
“Fun but focused,” as one Taoti put it, is a great way to sum up our culture. We’re a fun and casual shop. The kind of place where you can wear whatever, come and go as you please, and have autonomy over your own day for the most part. But we take the work seriously and believe deep in the mission to make meaningful and measurable impacts for our clients. All the perks and shenanigans and borderline irreverent tone are fun, but to really fit in here, you need to be about the work.

We believe in something we call our “QIST Culture.” Quality. Innovation. Service. And Teamwork. We are always striving to improve these four areas (to the extent that we have a fund of a quarter million dollars per year that anyone can spend from in the interest of going above and beyond towards any of these four values.

We also believe in total transparency and open communication across teams and across ranks. Instead of chain-of-command, we want everyone to have and share their own voice. Every other Thursday, the CEO holds ‘CafeClutch’ just so he can hear ideas and feedback directly from the team instead of through the filter of management.

Want to see what life at Taoti looks like? Check out our Instagram or ‘about us’ video. There’s even a 360 tour of the office.

Contractor v. W2 Employee*
As noted above, we are open to any working situation-full time, part time, contract, etc. For W2 employees (only available in the US in states where Taoti is registered), we can offer full benefits (insurance, paid time off, IRA contributions, and more.) If you are not in one of those states or if you are in another country, then you must be a contractor. Taoti has three categories of contractors:

1. "On-Demand": part time contractors that work hourly, usually less than 20 hours per week, as-needed or as-available. This is a good option if you are a freelancer with other customers to service.

2. "Regular": These contractors are considered to be full time workers and usually work between 30 and 50 hours per week (whatever they prefer.) We treat them like normal employees and expect them to treat us like a normal employer, even though it's technically a contractor relationship on paper. Unlike most companies, we consider these contractors part of the core team and include them in social events, our annual retreat, staff meetings, morning stand-up, and things like that. These contractors do still bill hourly, but we basically guarantee them at least 40 hours per week. Most contractors at Taoti fall into this category. This is probably how you would join Taoti (unless you did not want a full time job, in which case the 'on demand' status is an option for you.) (Note that some people prefer this category over W2 or integrated contractor status because there is no limit on the hours you can work (or the money you can make.) So while Taoti generally tries to keep most workers to a 40-hour work week, if you prefer to work more hours for more pay, this is a good option for you.)

3. "Integrated": These contractors similar to 'regular' except that they have a fixed monthly 'salary' and also get paid time off-just like normal W2 employees. Usually integrated status is reserved for regular contractors who have a good track record for at least a year and/or for managerial roles.

We are happy to provide more details on the differences between our contractor status upon request.

A bit more about Taoti…*
Established in 1996, Taoti Creative is a boutique, full-service creative agency located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. We are privately owned and have no corporate overloads (nothing personal, WPP.) We do stuff like web development, social media management, branding, experiential marketing, video, AR/VR, etc. Our mission is to ‘move the needle’ for our clients. We leverage technology, creativity, and innovation to generate meaningful and measurable results for our clients—that’s what drives us. Speaking of clients, they’re about 60% non-profits, 20% commercial, and 20% federal government. Some of our customers include World Bank, USAID, DC Water, Discovery Education, American Chemical Society, Jane Goodall Foundation, and dozens of ‘National Association of _____________,’ etc. Our full time team of about 50 employees is about 65% in-house and 35% remote. We hail from over 15 countries. And for the last four years in a row, we’ve made the Inc5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States. There’s of course plenty of additional information on our website. If you’ve not done so already, be sure to check out our culture video: https://vimeo.com/289302105. Or if you’re feeling virtual, here’s guided tour of the office in 360 video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7KkzdmSGTM (Warning: not suitable for printers.)

Next Steps*
If you’re qualified and interested, please apply on our website (https://www.taoti.com/careers.) Please note that these job ads often get placed onto other websites with their own application systems (we’re looking at you Jooble!) and some sites (looking at you Indeed!) have made up random salary ranges. We aren't able to respond to applications that don’t come through our own website (Because we use software to manage our hiring process, and without it, it would be the wild west here. So please be sure you’re applying on our website.)

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion*
Great ideas happen when diverse perspectives come together. Those perspectives are Taoti’s secret sauce. So building a diverse team and culture where everyone has a voice and is included in the process is not just the right thing to do. It’s good for business. We’d love your own perspective to add to our mix! We're eager for new, diverse voices to join the team and sincerely hope people from every walk of life will apply!

Pretty please, no recruiters.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

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