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Remote Head Of Copy & Communications 🔥

Please note: this is a remote position, but please only apply if you are physically located in Europe (or the east coast of North America), in a timezone between UTC-5 to UTC+2.  You can apply for this job until Tuesday, 31 May.

With climate change, wars, a pandemic, and so many more challenges at our doorstep, it is no longer business as usual. Therefore brands are more than ever expected to grow a social conscience, use their social antennas, and act accordingly.

We believe PR teams are at the center of this transformation. They are the social antennas, they influence board members to take signals seriously, and they explain to the world why their company is doing the things they do.

PR is a craft built on carefully chosen words, well-reasoned actions, and solid mutual relationships. However, the direction in which the industry is headed– with newswires, media databases, spin-doctoring, and intrusive followups– is causing more harm than good. Our jobs have become unnecessarily tedious, our industry is perceived as unreliable, and we are considered intrusive by journalists.

Our team at pr.co is in business to turn that around. And we need you to transform our actions and ambition into words.

About this role

We build newsrooms and software for PR teams. Our customers and partners rave about our product. Even though we realize we are hardly impartial, we are the best newsroom solution out there for fast-growing companies, brands with a big message (B corps, for instance), and brands that believe in the power and importance of branding.


We have the product, the happy customers, and a strong ideology that’s crucial to further develop a unique product. We’ve entered a stage where we need to increase brand and product awareness, and that’s where you come in. We believe that clear, helpful, and opinionated content is central to any strategy to increase awareness.


Now, if you think writing for a software startup is dull, you’re in for a treat.


Imagine writing copy for some of the most critical copy readers out there. A crowd that writes tells and pitches stories for a living. You’re writing copy for people like you, so you need to bring your A-game.


Therefore, we’re looking for someone with a background in journalism or PR. Someone who loves to write and is keen to take our content strategy up a notch.


Our website, articles, guides, and case studies are the most important drivers of new leads. You own our content strategy so that people continue to find us to learn about PR, so that new leads are persuaded to chat with us, and so that customers are kept in the loop of what’s happening at pr.co. 


What you will do

  • You ARE our communications strategy. You define our tone of voice and messaging and translate this into crystal clear content. Not the salesy, fluffy kind– your content packs a punch.
  • You own our website: Our product is evolving, and we continue to find new angles that resonate with our audience. You’ll be the antenna for this and make sure our website is always in line with our product, ideology, and audience.
  • You get our content read. Together with Ana, you will be promoting our content through the right channels so that it gets read by the right people
  • Manage our content strategy and owned channels: the best leads are inbound leads. We realize we simply need to be helpful to attract the best leads. We do so by creating valuable content for PR professionals in all stages of their careers and all stages of pr.co awareness. You manage this strategy, decide on the direction of our content and oversee all our owned channels.
  • You write, write, write. You’ll be working on blog articles, guides, whitepapers, case studies, email campaigns, ads, and more. One day you’ll be writing a persuasive nurturing campaign; the other day, a fierce, opinionated article on the nonsense of newswires.
  • Host webinars and training sessions. As we said, we believe in helpfulness to grow our business. Our webinars and training sessions for customers, leads, and prospects are a crucial part of that.
  • Above all, you are great with words, especially at writing them down.
  • You have a background in journalism, communications, or PR: You will be writing copy for the most critical audience out there: communications professionals. We need you to be very familiar with this industry, with a few years of experience as a PR or communications professional. You can not fake it to make it with these folks: your stories need to be authentic, honest, and valuable.
  • You are comfortable with change: We are a start-up, and things change constantly. The prospect of a role and environment which changes and develops over time excites you.
  • You are ambitious and not afraid to jump into a role with a lot of responsibility. This is not a role where you’ll be told how to do things. We are giving you full ownership.
  • You’re proactive and full of enthusiasm: We will help you feel welcome, train you as well as possible, and make you feel comfortable in the team. However, to be successful in this role, you’ll need to be proactive. You try new things, solve problems when they arise, and you won’t wait until someone else tells you to do something. That’s what makes you unique.
  • You are strategic and work in a structured manner: you’ll oversee ALL pr.co’s content. And for such a small team, you’ll be surprised how much there is.
  • You are a native English speaker and a great communicator. If you speak other languages, that will come in very handy.
  • You want to make an impact: you’ll make brands more transparent, you’ll help us provide free newsrooms and software to NGOs, and you will be of crucial importance in a small, ambitious, and hyperefficient team.
  • A friendly, vibrant, diverse, and ambitious team.
  • A competitive (Dutch) salary.
  • The freedom to work from anywhere you want.
  • Budget to set up a productive (home) workstation; we’ll also pay your internet bill.
  • We’ll provide you with a company MacBook.
  • The option to rent a desk at a local co-working space.
  • An annual team retreat somewhere in Europe.
  • Regular (online and offline) get-togethers, like movie and pizza nights, Amsterdam boat rides, casual coffee dates, and more.
  • A chance to make a difference and become a crucial component in a fast-growing company.

We are fully remote. And proudly so!

During a unique and eerily silent Amsterdam in lockdown, our team decided this pandemic brought an opportunity. We had always looked somewhat enviously to companies like Basecamp, which fully embraced a remote lifestyle. We decided this was our chance to become a remote company ourselves– the least we could do was try it.


In June 2020, we canceled the lease to our office and became a fully remote company. Even though we have strong roots in Amsterdam, our team has moved to places where we feel most comfortable. Some of us remained in the Netherlands. Others moved to Portugal or even Ecuador. We recently hired Naomi, a cold-blooded Brit who prefers the warm climate in Madrid over chilly winters in the UK.


Where can you live?

The role is an expansion of our marketing team, a team of two currently living in Portugal and Ecuador. Due to the fact 90% of our team is in Europe, we have a strong preference for someone living within the EU. However, we are open to amazing applications from the east coast of North America, as long as you're in a timezone between UTC-5 to UTC+2.


If a challenging job at a company that doesn't force you to live in a place you don't want to sound like you– join us and chase that dream.

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