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Devops Engineer 🔥

DevOps Engineer, Eterlast, 100% Remote

Eterlast is the first NFT platform in Europe to build branded NFT platforms using media and sport IP rights.

The Role

We are looking for an infrastructure tech lover. Someone who loves to learn new technologies and is able to adapt and transform a complex infrastructure map into some real tangible and ordered automated deploying system. Web3 is reinventing the Internet and we want you to help us build this future with our NFT platform(s).

We are working with 3 different environments on AWS, at least 8 repos related and we’re doing CI/CD with all of them. We have automatized the deployment to any environment, along to an autoscaling solution for the production environment. This is just the core of the role but it will grow into more as we scale our NFT platforms(s).


  • Experience in working in some of the following areas:
    • Programming - JavaScript (Node, Express) or Python (FastAPI, Django, Flask)
    • Cloud integration - Terraform or Ansible, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, RedShift
    • BE Integration - Rest APIs, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, others
    • Cloud Environment - Experience with AWS and if possible a certification
    • Testing & security - Safe infrastructure and execute security checks
    • Good to have - Experience with web deployments
    • Improve Monitoring, Alerting, and Telemetry to enhance visibility and understanding across our system
    • Maintain and create CI/CD pipelines
    • Create, extend, test, and deploy all the infrastructure
    • Write and maintain documentation & educational resources
    • Closely work with cross-functional teams across Product, Design, and Operations
    • Be passionate and have some experience with the Web3 space, blockchain, and NFTs
    • Being able to find and improve bottlenecks in our workflow
    • Advanced/Fluent English Communication skills (Although we are remote-first, this is our common company language

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