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Performance Marketing Coordinator 🔥

We're building the future of advertising and are looking for the minds to help us do it.

This entry level position is the perfect opportunity to build the skill-set needed in the fast-paced and rewarding field of paid digital marketing, specifically in the e-commerce space.

As a valuable member of Darkroom’s unique Performance Marketing team, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn and execute in the areas of data analysis, performance creative management, and/or media buying, specializing over time according to your skills and preferences.

Essential to the growth of our clients' businesses, Darkroom Performance Marketing Coordinators are excellent communicators and eager learners with high attention-to-detail. The right candidate should be able to demonstrate fluency in modern digital marketing concepts and put themselves in the shoes of an e-commerce consumer.

This is a remote job, and is open to candidates based within the state(s) of California, Idaho, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, or Texas, and must have the right to work within the United States.

What you'll do:

  • Assist with the planning, development, and implementation of comprehensive paid media strategies to increase brand visibility and recognition and drive new user acquisition and leads via paid media campaigns.

  • Conduct thorough brand and website audits to understand our clients’ key value proposition, core products, brand aesthetic and identify opportunities to successfully market them and make them stand out in the marketplace.

  • Conduct competitive research to ensure success in the ad space and new acquisition audience targeting.

  • Support senior marketers on 5-10 paid media accounts (including but not limited to: Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google/YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other social platforms like Twitter and TikTok) on behalf of Darkroom clients, with aggregate monthly spends ranging between $25,000 - $1M.

  • Utilize Platform Ad Managers, third-party reporting tools, and Google Analytics to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients’ revenues month-over-month and solve for attribution.

  • Understand important KPI and industry-wide benchmarks throughout all steps in the e-commerce marketing funnel.

  • Implement real-time and reactionary ad-buying decisions across multiple platforms in response to up-or-down trends happening on ads platforms.

  • Proactively develop quarterly strategies for clientele based on perceived success metrics, ad spends, YoY performance metrics, and projections.

  • Deep dive into competitor research, industry knowns, and brand identity to manage client expectations and continually brainstorm new marketing initiatives, creative assets, copy, and review after results.

  • Understand digital marketing best practices and readily contribute to overarching marketing strategies to ensure client success across the board - even if it's paid media adjacent or outside of channel control.

  • Understand full-funnel marketing strategies to ensure new acquisition, list growth, e-commerce, website CRO, retention, and overall client success based around marketing discussions and strategies that work in tandem with paid media and performance efforts.

  • Understand client needs for success and preemptively deliver projections and forecasts that latter into client quarterly strategy

What you'll need to be successful

  • An interest in D2C ecommerce, paid social media (including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok), and paid search engine marketing.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to succeed in a group project environment.

  • A love of data and experience working in Excel.

  • Experience working with presentation software, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote.

  • The willingness and ability to learn and thrive in a flexible and fast-paced environment.

About Darkroom & Employee Benefits:

Darkroom is a vertically integrated digital agency pioneering the next generation of consumer-facing brands. Our team has been responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in market value for some of the most innovative brands in the world. A category leader in results-driven growth marketing, Darkroom’s success is attributed to our unique partnership model, purposefully built to launch brands to market and accelerate growth across direct-to-consumer. Our model is predicated on four major disciplines — Brand & Identity, Digital Products, Creative Production, and Growth Marketing – threaded by one cohesive, interdisciplinary team.

Taking the startup mindset to the agency space, the collective expertise of our team of entrepreneurs and senior digital marketers are deeply aware of the newest trends in e-commerce, development, and digital marketing. Our learned experience has allowed us to take clients (and internal ventures) from $0 to millions in revenue in just a few months. We work with game-changing brands: Verb Energy, Everytable, VYBES, Joybird, & Maaji – to name a few.

We're building the future of advertising and are looking for the minds to help us do it. We only seek out the best—from our clients to our people. Our team is our most sacred asset, and we offer highly competitive salaries and the following perks:

  • Darkweek, Unlimited Vacation Policy, and Holidays: Rebooting is one of the most important parts of growth. At Darkroom, you have access to an unlimited vacation policy, our annual “Darkweek” full office closure, and 10 holidays throughout the year to keep you recharged and sharp.

  • Location, location, (or no) location: Office and work locations where the most talented people want to live. Employee hubs include Los Angeles, New York, Ukraine, and Albania (Commuter benefits in LA only). Remote work for certain jobs applicable.

  • Wellness: Company-sponsored medical, dental, and vision benefits with, so you can stay as healthy as can be.

  • Finances, growth, and retirement: After one year with Darkroom, we deliver a robust 401k program with company match, and a profit-sharing opportunity so we can help you save as the company grows.

  • Creativity at our core: in-house Los Angeles-based studio with some of the best creatives in the business.

  • Growth-oriented with endless opportunities: contribute to one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies in the United States.

  • Darkroom Labs: internal idea factory with no boundaries. Come up with ideas for new tools, technology, or products

  • Work on the best with the best: we are highly selective with who we work with– both clients and team members. Our business development process is characterized by finding “right-fit,” category-leading brands. We look for the people to match.

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