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Fantastic internationally remote opportunity for an Account Executive to be an early member of a sales team at a VC-funded, remote-first start-up focussed on building the future of multi-country employment & payroll.

Boundless was born from the belief that people should have the freedom to shape their work lives without forfeiting their right to secure employment. We started by looking for ways to offer compliance across borders. It’s what our founders had struggled with at previous companies, but along the way, we figured that this is about so much more than ticking compliance boxes and not getting in trouble. We have since been raising the bar of what great remote employment looks like. For each new country where we establish our employment & payroll infrastructure and build internal expertise, we try to set the gold standard of remote employment. Currently, 25 people across 9 countries are working hard to make that a reality and help democratise access to well-paid jobs worldwide. Together we are commanding a rallying call to companies that are changing the way work works.

We’re focused on filling the Boundless team with people who ‘get it’. People who have experience working themselves remotely or who have tried to solve this problem before. People who enjoy the quality of life that remote working offers, and want to help others do the same.

People who care.

We’re looking for an empathetic, customer focused and detailed orientated Account Executive to take a leading role in growing our customer base. Our sales team is in the early stages of its development, and this is a team that is expected to expand significantly over a short time, offering speedy career progression for the right person.

This role also has a salary of €50,000 and an OTE split approximately 50/50 on salary/uncapped commission.

We are looking to hire our first dedicated Account Executive, so this is a great opportunity to accelerate your sales career.


As our Account Executive you will be in a customer facing role, with a number of areas of focus:

Key focus areas:

  • Closing qualified leads provided by marketing and our BDRs
  • Developing a clear understanding of our product and value proposition
  • Managing a pipeline with varying timelines, and constantly moving customers through the pipeline
  • Being one of our main revenue generators

Continuous improvements:

  • Ensuring our CRM is kept up to date, and that prospects are being engaged with and moved through the pipeline
  • Looking for ways to further automate our sales processes, to save you and the team time
  • Learning about our sales cycle and process but also providing input into our strategy and suggesting improvements as we grow
  • Logging your learnings, to help us onboard new sales hires in the future in our sales playbook
  • Mentoring our BDRs and supporting the Sales Manager in training new hires


  • Working closely with our Sales Manager & CEO, as we work with external partners & advisors on sales targeting strategies
  • Advising on feedback from the market to our Country Expansion & Product Teams to ensure our roadmap is best aligned with customer demand, and to our Marketing Team, to ensure we’re producing content & providing tools that offer real value to customers & sales prospects

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