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Content Writer ๐Ÿ”ฅ

We're looking to hire a content writer to write a respective blog article, email message, and social media post for each of our client's educational YouTube videos. We interview our clients - many of whom are professional service providers and small business owners - on Riverside.fm (over their webcam or mobile phone) to help them create two educational videos a month to send to their in-house contact list to help them get more business. You'll watch these videos and write a complimentary article about 500 words in length, a 75-150 word email summarizing the video to promote it to their email list, and a short status update for social media. You may also listen to recorded phone calls where we interview our clients to write a personal letter to mail to their contacts to promote their latest videos, too. No experience is necessary. All training provided. This is a 100% work-from-home position that includes health insurance.
  • Write a 500-word article to summarize a client video
  • Write 3 possible subject lines for each email promotion
  • Write a strong headline and meta description for your blog articles
  • Optimize your articles for search engines
  • Attend weekly staff training to improve your writing skills
  • Conduct additional research to strengthen client articles
  • Use a personal writing style in the first person

  • Ability to paraphrase what a client says in their video
  • Bring-your-own-computer - must provide your own computer and internet connection.
  • Use of correct grammar and spelling
  • Proper use of cosmetics (line spacing, font choice, bold/italics)
  • Writing in a personal tone, ideally in the first person (ghostwriting)
  • Content logical categories and socially sequenced
  • Familiar with the editorial process and publication deadlines

Compensation: $12 - 15 hourly

About Vyral Mktg:

Vyral Marketing helps entrepreneurs in professional services stay in better touch with their #1 asset - their existing in-house list of customers, leads, and past clients - with done-for-you video, email, and social media marketing. We interview our clients on an HD webcam or mobile phone once a month to record two helpful Q&A videos (among other things we do for them) answering commonly asked questions by their customers, which then we edit, optimize, and promote them to help them get more clients. We build our clients a video blog, export and clean their existing email list, update their social media, write their blog articles, edit their videos, send their email marketing, run their advertising, send out emails for lead generation, and personally coach/guide them to results. We are a 100% work-from-home company with a work-life balance culture. We are based in Omaha, Nebraska however we hire all over the USA - and even internationally - due to the new nature of work.

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