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Remote Transcriber For Law Enforcement Audios 🔥

We are sorry, but this job listing has expired.

We are looking for many vendors / independent contractors who can transcribe audio content of criminal investigations, internal affairs, and various law enforcement audios. Contractors must have prior verbatim, multi-speaker transcription experience. The most successful candidates will have experience transcribing for a law enforcement agency (police department, sheriff's department, etc.), court reporting experience, or similar.

A full criminal background check is required for individuals completing this work. Equipment is needed and there is an initial assessment period prior to completing live orders. Pay is per audio minute and dependent on the turnaround time of the order. Turnarounds range from same day to 5 business days, with the majority of orders having a 3-business day turnaround time.

Whether you want to transcribe full-time or part-time, we have more than enough work to go around!

You must be a US Citizen currently residing in the US. Please note that due to legislative restrictions, residents of CA and MA are not eligible for this opportunity.

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