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Consulting Opportunity - Behavior Change Initiatives Project Manager 🔥

Role: Early 2022 is an exciting time for Root Solutions. We are hosting an interactive event bringing thought leaders together to discuss the future of behavior science within the environmental movement; concurrently we are launching a book we wrote: Making Shift Happen: Designing for Environmental Behavior Change. We anticipate increased interest in our services conducting behavior change initiatives for NGOs, government, and institutions.

We are seeking to identify and onboard project managers that can be at the ready to join us for short- or long-term, part- or full-time consulting opportunities as they arise.

We are a small but mighty team who aim to re-shape the future of the environmental movement in North America and beyond. You will be an active member of our team and your role is vital to scaling powerful tools that will transform the planet.

Root Solutions’ mission is to provide conservationists and policymakers with tools that increase the effectiveness of their conservation advocacy and policymaking through the use of behavior change, design thinking, and systems thinking.

Overall Function

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, Project Managers will lead environmental behavior change initiatives in sectors such as transportation, paper or water consumption, wildlife protection, food and agriculture, fisheries, plastics, or climate and energy. Project managers will use Root Solutions’ Making Shift Happen process to lead either entire initiatives or various phases of one. In addition, Project Managers will likely participate in one or more of the following:

  • Preparing materials for submission to clients, granting agencies, foundations, and stakeholders
  • Developing website and other communications material, and training curricula, based on project you are managing
  • Conducting and evaluating Behavioral Drivers Analyses and other surveys
  • Researching and drafting behavioral insights design guidance
  • Representing project you are managing at conferences and workshops
  • Ideal candidates are proven sustainability project managers with some experience conducting behavioral science initiatives, or behavioral scientists with some experience leading multi-stakeholders projects
  • Advanced degree is preferred; bachelor’s degree with relevant experience will be considered
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing; must enjoy and excel at writing
  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Excellent research and synthesis skills
  • Must be well-organized, self-motivated and extremely detail-oriented
  • Must be able to adapt and prioritize
  • Ability to meet deadlines and demonstrate initiative
  • Have an interest in environmental behavior change
  • One or more of these skills: survey development, statistical analysis, user design, experimental design, prototyping, developing frames or metaphors, storytelling, social media campaign development, or equity, inclusion, and diversity expertise.

Location & Logistics

Depending on the project, work may be entirely remote or remote with some in-person requirements. Most team members are in northern California.

Start dates are flexible and largely organized around new clients coming on-board.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Compensation is commensurate with experience. This is a consulting position, with the possibility of moving to a full time position in mid 2022.