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Director Of Research and Impact

The HOW Institute for Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build and nurture a culture of moral leadership, principled decision-making, and values-based behavior that enables individuals and institutions to meet the profound social, economic, and technological changes of the 21st Century to elevate humanity. We are committed to creating an environment where all are welcomed and respected, and where everyone can achieve the highest level of excellence in their work

To carry out this critical mission, the Institute is looking for an innovative and entrepreneurial Director of Research and Impact responsible for creating and implementing the organization's research agenda and impact assessment strategy. This work will include designing and executing mission-aligned research and case studies that can inspire action in individual and organizational stakeholders. Additionally, it includes developing and testing relevant tools to measure, evaluate, and convey the Institute鈥檚 impact.

The successful candidate will be skilled in translating a guiding mission into a practical research plan and be grounded in applying research-based insights to build a community of like-minded individuals and organizations, driving true social innovation and change beyond an academic context.

Research & Metrics as a Change Agent

At the Institute we believe that what you choose to measure is a representation of your values. Therefore, metrics can serve to spark and create change in our world. With that in mind, the Director will:

路 Conceive and prioritize projects to develop and disseminate metrics, frameworks, and standards whose widespread adoption can help to scale moral leadership practices, values-based behavior, and principled decision-making

路 Develop research partnerships in alignment with the Institute鈥檚 overall goal and objectives for impact

路 Lead the development of data and measurement products that other organizations can adopt to drive the growth of moral leadership practices, values-based behavior, and principled decision-making within their ecosystems

路 Conceptualize and produce research reports that through their dissemination will attract new stakeholders to the HOW community whose influence can extend the impact of the Institute鈥檚 frameworks, philosophy, and impact

Impact Strategy & Research Agenda

The Director will work collaboratively with the Institute鈥檚 senior leadership and team to develop an organization-wide impact measurement and assessment strategy.

路 Develop research goals and objectives that support the Institute鈥檚 vision of impact and are met through both its own research projects and through research partnerships

路 Keep abreast of emerging research related to the Institute鈥檚 impact goals and seek to support and apply that research for the good of those goals when appropriate

路 Support the development and evolution of the theory of change for how the Institute鈥檚 programs, research and activities can create impact at scale

Program Evaluation

The Director will work with all program teams to ensure data gathering and evaluation systems are in place and that each program is continually improving towards their intended impact goals and objectives.

路 Design and develop evaluation plans, choosing the most effective methodologies, instruments, and resources, and summarize and present findings

路 Analyze and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data and create systems for using data to provide ongoing feedback and support for program improvement

路 Conduct program observations, interviews, surveys, and focus groups

路 Oversee data collection, entry, and quality and implement and manage internal systems for conducting ongoing outcomes measurement and assessment

路 When appropriate, translate program evaluations into external reports that demonstrate impact quantitatively and qualitatively and attract new stakeholders to the HOW community whose influence can extend the impact of the Institute鈥檚 frameworks, philosophy, and impact

Qualifications & Expectations

路 7-10 years demonstrated experience and expertise in putting applied research to use to create social innovation and change outside of an academic context

路 Advanced degree in a relevant field of study

路 Exposure to and a strong interest in moral philosophy

路 Five to seven years of senior management experience

路 Outstanding analytical ability and advanced statistical knowledge with the ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative data and extract relevant insights

路 Experience developing and managing collaborations and partnerships for research, metrics, and assessment endeavors

路 Excellent interpersonal skills, and a proven ability to build trust with senior leaders and peers

路 Outstanding written and oral communication skills, with the ability to articulate a clear and concise point of view on complicated issues

路 Facility with data visualization and creating compelling data narratives that are accessible to many different audiences

路 A curious self-starter with a proven track record of diving into unknown territory and learning new concepts and a demonstrated ability to imagine, invent, and create

路 Ability to work in a highly entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and mission-driven environment

路 Ability to creatively manage a budget in an entrepreneurial environment with constrained resource while still producing high-quality deliverables on time and within budget

路 Strong project management skills and attention to detail

路 Passionate commitment to building collegial teams and demonstrated success as an inspirational leader who has strong interpersonal skills and ability to develop alliances with internal and external groups.

路 Commitment to high ethical standards

Additional Details

路 The HOW Institute is a virtual workplace with most staff currently residing on the East Coast / New York City region

路 Salary range $150K-$175K commensurate with experience

路 Comprehensive benefits

路 Applicants need to be eligible to work legally in the United States

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume to hr@thehowinstitute.org [1].

  1. mailto:hr@thehowinstitute.org

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