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Facebook Users Union Campaign Lead

About the position

The Facebook Users Union is a project that brings together long-time San Francisco Bay Area nonprofits Media Alliance and Global Exchange; activist groups such as Indivisible and fed-up Facebook users. The campaigner will be our first paid position and will coordinate our existing members and bring new ones into the fold.

The Facebook Users Union campaigner will organize and empower Facebook users to demand and win significant changes in how Facebook does business that will make the platform less toxic and less dangerous. The campaigner will educate Facebook users, coordinate with social media platform accountability activists and organizations on actions that pressure Facebook to stop the spread of violence, hate and disinformation on its platform.

Job responsibilities

  • Strengthen the Facebook Users Union - work to attract and activate (30,000+) new members, building a powerful, active user-base working to drive change at Facebook.
  • Participate in national coordinating meetings with other Facebook organizers and partner groups across the country; helping to advise and mobilize on joint campaign tactics to change Facebook policies, whe;whether through pressure on the company or through government regulations that protect the public interest.
  • Bottomline and organize online and offline actions that put pressure on Facebook for policy changes. Past actions have included street protests outside of Mark Zuckerberg’s house; passing a board of supervisors’ resolution against Mark Zuckerberg’s name being on San Francisco’s general hospital; and webcasts about protecting the public from election disinformation on Facebook, among others.
  • Building ad hoc, regional and local volunteer groups of activists and others to jointly organize and participate in a variety of campaign tactics (including protests, street theater, educational events, etc.);
  • Reach out to and collaborate with Facebook employees who are working within the company for changes similar to those being advocated for by the Facebook Users Union.
  • Create written and multimedia content about changes that could reduce Facebook’s harms, including social media posts, blog posts and press releases.
  • Regularly post to the Facebook Users Union social media accounts and develop our social media following.
  • Supervise the update of the Facebook Users Union website.
  • Monitor news and legislative developments related to Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Passion for reducing violence, hate and disinformation on social media platforms
  • Social, racial or economic justice campaigning experience with previous campaign lead experience, including strategy development, messaging and execution
  • Comfort reaching out to aligned organizations and individuals through email, phone calls and in person
  • Experience organizing online and in-person events
  • Strong writing skills
  • Experience maintaining and growing social media accounts
  • Experience with online marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Salsa Labs
  • Be extremely detail-oriented; skilled at task tracking, calendaring and planning ahead; deadline-focused; and able to handle multiple responsibilities at one time;
  • Be able to work within a budget; to collate information from a variety of staff and volunteers; and to report accurately on a team's work
  • Knowledge of social media policy issues and experience working with a variety of constituents on social media policy issues is a strong plus.