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Digital Content Lead 🔥

Protect Democracy seeks a mission-driven digital content lead to join our communications team. In this position, you will play a key role in designing and shaping our website, collaborating with colleagues from across the organization to craft and maintain a website that communicates our mission and work in a compelling and accessible way. You may also have the opportunity to create digital assets, such as graphics for the website and social media, in order to meet the digital needs of the impact projects across our organization.

The ideal candidate will be a critical thinker with a growth mindset who values collaboration and feedback, and consistently operates with excellence, efficiency, and integrity. A commitment to our mission and a passion for defending and strengthening our democracy are critical. You should have experience in managing and maintaining a website using platforms such as, but not limited to, WordPress.

Our communications team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds including journalism, political campaigning, and the public and private sectors. As a result, we do not expect that any one candidate will have all of the experiences and requirements listed. We highly encourage you to apply if the job description gets you excited about the role.

Protect Democracy recognizes that there is strength in diversity and strongly encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds and from across the political and ideological spectrum to apply. You can work from any location in the United States.

The digital content lead will:

  • Help to design and shape our website.
  • Create new and maintain existing digital and website-specific content, coordinating as needed with team members across the organization.
  • Provide strategic analysis of website performance, including audience engagement; identify areas for improvement; and propose recommendations.
  • Partner with members of the team to plan, execute, and support impact project needs at key points such as major product launches.
  • Work with our website vendor to ensure short and long term goals are achieved.
  • Maintain communication with team members and leadership concerning the state of the website.
  • Manage a process for routine site audits, as well as ongoing maintenance and standardization of processes related to the website.
  • Troubleshoot WordPress bugs, ensuring issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • 2-4 years of experience managing the website of a medium-sized organization or business
  • Ability to push a project forward, including moving others to act and meeting deadlines
  • Systematic and process-oriented
  • High social intelligence and a great communicator
  • Has a growth mindset and comfort with ambiguity
  • Excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to reason through novel problems and exercise good judgment about how to arrive at optimal solutions
  • Rigorous attention to detail and the highest standards for excellence in execution
  • Ability to track, prioritize, and, where necessary, triage work in order to use time in the most efficient and productive way
  • Enthusiasm for team collaboration and working with people with diverse backgrounds and characteristics, and openness to a diversity of ideas and perspectives
  • Passionate commitment to the preservation of democratic norms and institutions and ensuring those structures serve all people
  • Comfort working in a rapidly changing environment, proactively working to grow the organization and figure out what’s needed to move your work forward
  • Proficiency in Html/CSS
  • Expertise with Wordpress and Wordpress development
  • Experience implementing and maintaining high quality SEO policies and incorporating them with web content
  • Strong writing skills and experience shaping messaging
  • Ability to provide design, data visualization, and graphics support to drive impact work

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