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Cloud Backend Engineer, Digital Consumer Products 🔥

This is a brand new team, starting from the ground up to redesign and implement a new technology stack for an existing user-base in the Automotive Enthusiast industry. You will get a chance to help define team practices, Software Architecture, tools, and processes and be one of the foundational members!

The team will operate with a high degree of independence and focus on building a greenfield customer experience and APIs in the insurance and automotive enthusiast industry for one of our largest clients. Think of it as a well-funded startup inside a thriving business. The team will work towards a goal of replacing legacy applications service a wide array of customer-facing experiences.

You should have:

  • Passion for software that is future-proof and sets an example for best practices
  • Obsessed with developer experience and tooling
  • Eagerness to share your experiences and opinions on how to build robust APIs and Services
  • 4+ years of experience as a Backend Engineer building enterprise-scale and production-ready applications.
  • Ability to take ownership of work items and help cultivate new ones with a Product-first mindset*
  • Exposure to GraphQL or REST API concepts and implementation patterns*
  • Experience with microservices & event-driven system architectures
  • Node.js / TypeScript*
  • Previous experience with C#, Java or similar strongly preferred
  • Infrastructure as Code tools (Serverless Framework, CDK, Terraform, etc.)
  • AWS Cloud Services* (Lambda, DynamoDB or Aurora, API Gateway)
  • Familiarity with GraphQL ecosystem
  • Operate with an ownership mentality by taking initiative
  • Able to operate remotely and independently
  • Have excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Be able to operate for working hours within 2 hours of EST
  • Be passionate about learning and improving the craft of Engineering

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