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Director of Organizing

Resource Generation is recruiting for a Director of Organizing.

The primary role of the Director of Organizing is to be the lead of the 13-person Organizing Team, ensuring that all aspects of our organizing - basebuilding and leadership development, campaigns, resource mobilization, online organizing, national programming - are integrated and building power in service of our mission and goals. The Director of Organizing directly supervises 5 members of the Organizing Team. The Director of Organizing is responsible for setting the strategy, goals, and budget for the organizing team and ensuring that the team has the resources and support they need to reach those goals.

The Director of Organizing is a key organizational thought leader on how RG’s organizing fits into the bigger movement landscape of multi-class, multi-racial organizing for racial and economic justice. The Director of Organizing’s success will be measured by the strength of our overall organizing: growth in our base, actions taken with partners, money moved, and campaign victories that are aligned with our 40-year campaign vision.

The Director of Organizing understands that building power requires a team in which individuals hold both a high degree of ownership of their work and a high level of collaboration with each other, and that the communication to support this collaboration must be multidirectional and built on trust. They can hold a process that includes multiple viewpoints while moving toward a decision. The Director of Organizing can hold their own work with minimal oversight by leaning into self-reflection, regular assessment, and adjustment to their work. In leading a team, they build off of their own and others’ strengths and are direct and open in their communication. They bring empathy and compassion to their work with others.

The Director of Organizing is a senior leadership role. They will report directly to the Executive Director and this position is a key member of the Executive Team of Resource Generation, which sets organizational goals and budget, implements internal policies and evaluates external impact, and aligns the overall organization with our mission. Like all of RG’s organizational leaders, the Director of Organizing is expected to apply an intersectional racial justice lens to their work.

Resource Generation [1] is a national non-profit organization mobilizing young people (age 18-35) with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working towards the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. The broader Resource Generation community includes people of all ages and class backgrounds who support the role that young people with wealth play in social change. RG has a 20 person staff team and 18 chapters in cities around the U.S. Our chapters engage in base-building, political education programming, running giving circles, engaging in local and national campaigns, and building local organizational relationships.

Location: The candidate can work remotely anywhere in the U.S. Due to COVID-19, our staff travel is paused until it is safe to resume. If travel schedules fully resume, up to 30 days a year of travel is required to attend national retreats and conferences.

Compensation: This is a full-time position with a starting salary of $71,000-$86,000 depending on experience and regional cost of living. Full-time at Resource Generation is 32 hrs/week. Benefits include 100% employer paid health, vision, and dental insurance; medical and transit flexible spending account; 403(b) retirement plan and an employer contribution after one year of employment; professional development funds; home office/co-working allowance; 6 months paid parental leave, and annual paid vacation (15 days), sick leave (15 days), and personal days (5 days).

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the Organizing Team, supporting overall sustainability and leadership development of team members -40%
  • Lead goal-setting, budgeting process, structure and roles, and other key decisions for the entire Organizing Team. Align the goals of the Organizing Team with overall organizational goals.
  • Supervise the Chapter Organizing Director, Resource Mobilization Director, Program Director, RG Action Scope Lead, and Campaign Director.
  • Builds a “leaderful team”: Supports and coaches people to thrive and lead in their areas of work. Lead on identifying and implementing plan for team skill development to reach joint goals and support team professional development and retention. Leads overall planning for semi-annual Organizing Team retreats.
  • Team “vibe checker”: notices when people are feeling challenged in their roles, supports retention of team members, tracks if there are oppression or power dynamics happening in the team, proactively addresses tensions and supports with team conflict resolution.
  • Support other directors and supervisors on the Organizing Team to align their team members around goals, set priorities, and practice collective accountability and regular evaluation and feedback.

  • Lead transformative vision for our national organizing. Ensure that all aspects of our national organizing are coordinated, integrated, and building power towards systemic change. -30%
  • Develop with strategy leads and hold the big picture for campaign, resource mobilization, basebuiding and leadership development, online organizing, and political education and action strategies, making sure they are building power for systemic change.
  • Coaches, mentors, and supports other team members who are primarily responsible for these organizing strategies on implementation, coordination, and integration. The Director of Organizing aligns the team around a shared vision and ensures distribution of resources to achieve that vision.
  • Identify gaps and areas of our growth in our national organizing strategy and support the team to address them. Prioritize strategic questions, figure out owners and next steps.
  • Tracks progress towards are annual and multi-year goals and identifies and addresses any areas of support when they are off track.

  • Lead the Organizing Team in times of rapid response. -10% (note depending on external conditions, rapid response can be up to 60% of the Director of Organizing’s job for shorter periods of time)
  • Lead our rapid response team in external movement moments that intersect with our mission and values, aligned with our campaign partners, and when RG has a unique role or voice to contribute to an overall response.
  • Track and raise external rapid response opportunities, coordinate the team to create cohesive and sometimes quickly changing plans across our strategies and connected to our annual goals as much as possible. Lead implementation of rapid response plans, track progress and reporting.
  • Make decisions on prioritization of rapid response with existing goals and capacity asks.

  • Support the development of strategic organizational relationships -10%
  • Working closely with other organizing team directors, assess and map out cross-strategy movement coalitions, landscapes and partners to support defining RG’s role in multi-class, multi-racial organizing for racial and economic justice.
  • Identify and build key external relationships with cross-strategy partners as it supports our work and our goals, and where we have unique “added value” to larger systemic efforts across philanthropy, political education, grassroots power building, and issue campaigns.
  • Supports other key staff to maintain strong external organizational relationships, Ensure that partnerships are supportive of overall organizing goals and strategy, and are not overlapping or conflicting with each other.
  • Serve as the public organizing ambassador for RG in new partnerships, in cross strategy spaces, and/or coalition meetings that aren't our established core partnerships held by other strategy directors (i.e. existing campaign partners, and social justice philanthropy partners.)

  • Support national organizing priorities and collaborative staff leadership structure as needed -10%
  • Fundraising: Do transformative fundraising with RG leaders to become dues paying members, create plans for redistribution, and move money to movements. Manage individual major donor list of 20+ members and consistently develop members to become major donors, pushing members to give more boldly to movements through our Redistribution Pledge.
  • Admin: Responsible for owning the accuracy and regular input of data for assigned donors in our EveryAction database; as well as core administrative functions such as uploading and tagging receipts for expenses, and filling out timesheets.
  • National Retreats: Participates in program planning for our national retreats as needed - including Making Money Make Change, Transforming Philanthropy, and the Transformative Leadership Institute
  • Participate in staff caucuses, political education, staff retreats, our participatory budgeting process, and other team building & collective decision making processes.

Core qualifications and required skills

  • Is an organizer. Has demonstrated at least 4 years of experience (paid or unpaid) developing high level leaders and mobilizing a base toward collective goals.
  • Strong and collaborative team leader and manager. Has demonstrated at least 4 years of experience (paid or unpaid) leading a team. Has experience aligning a team around goals, giving feedback, building skills and leadership, and supporting overall team workplanning and prioritization.
  • Able to build strong relationships across difference. Collective-oriented. Brings empathy and compassion to work with others. Has skills working and building trust with a wide range of people across class, race, gender, etc.
  • Project management skills with a remote team: Can lead a large remote team in workplanning effectively to meet goals. Can integrate many different viewpoints while keeping the team on track with timelines. Persistent, creative, and solutions-oriented. Communicates in a timely and responsive way.
  • Desire to do transformative organizing of a multiracial base of young wealthy people. Has a demonstrated commitment to racial and economic justice. Believes in the stake young wealthy folks have in collective liberation, and the possibility and necessity of cross-class and multiracial movement building.
  • A basic understanding of class, classism, and their own class identity as well as race, racism, and their own racial identity.

Our ideal candidate would also have some of the qualifications below, though these are not required criteria for the position:

  • At least 2 years of formal staff supervision experience
  • Experience (paid or unpaid) with national grassroots organizing infrastructure, i.e. national networks with local affiliates
  • Experience (paid or unpaid) working on issue-based campaigns
  • Experience (paid or unpaid) with social justice philanthropy
  • Experience (paid or unpaid) with online organizing strategies
  • Familiarity with healing justice; commitment to own transformation & healing from oppressive systems
  • Some fluency in digital tools such as Google Suite, Zoom, organizing databases, Slack, Hustle, etc.

A college degree is not a required qualification for this position.

Accommodations: If reasonable accommodation is needed to participate in the application and interview process, please email info [at] resourcegeneration [dot] org. Please do not send applications or inquiries to this address; submit job applications via Breezy.

Further Information: RG hosted an open house for applicants for our regional chapter organizer positions last year. You can view the recording here [2] to get a better sense of our organizational culture and/or if written information is not your preferred way of processing information.

How to apply: Submit your resume, cover letter, sample project management plan, and answers to our screening questions through BreezyHR [3] by June 30, 2021. RG organizes young people with wealth and the RG staff is currently a cross-class and multi-racial team. We especially encourage those who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color; trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people; and people from poor and working class backgrounds to apply.

Approximate Timeline (will vary based on candidate pool and scheduling):

  • Week of July 12, 2021 select candidates will be invited to interview for first round
  • Week of July 19, 2021 1st round candidates will participate in an interview with the hiring team.
  • Week of July 26, 2021 finalists will be invited to participate in a final interview with organizing team directors and strategy leads. The final interview will involve a test that will ask candidates to facilitate this team meeting through a rapid response scenario.
  • Week of Aug 2, 2021 hiring team will conduct reference checks and make an offer.
  • Week of Aug 23, 2021 new Director of Organizing begins orientation with RG!

Resource Generation is an equal opportunity employer, and accordingly, promotes equal opportunity in the areas of recruitment, employment, training, development, transfer, and promotion. Our employment practices are without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability or medical condition, national origin or ancestry, marital and veteran status, and all other categories protected by anti-discrimination laws.

  1. http://www.resourcegeneration.org/
  2. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/QDs78jPg6uuBWMfX857-yj1If4LDGO_DgF_u7_gvlWdLiT7dFHnH8asiYJ7-2Lf_cQRfBgXM-JSj-cRt.4yQiPpmBB_4I8DjZ?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=iFe0aN53SC-3efPlzPPJ7w.1619099322671.8dbe40db418892083763f5edcc77a245&_x_zm_rhtaid=738
  3. https://resource-generation.breezy.hr/p/5f3a97237c38-director-of-organizing

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