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Director of Consulting

Uniting and empowering survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world 

Director of Consulting Job Announcement 



Commitment: Full-time, permanent, salaried position 

Compensation: $70,000 - $75,000 

Health Care Coverage*: 100% of annual deductible for BluePreferred PPO Standard Gold Location: Washington, DC, USA preferred but not required (+ travel within the US, to the UK, and potentially other international locations) 

Holidays: 25 days per year + 11 Company Holidays 

Reports to: Deputy Director 

Direct Reports: 3 sub-contractors, with responsibility to hire 1 additional 

Other Benefits: Monthly clinical supervision with our Senior Mental Health Consultant, flexible work hours and work from home, monthly self-care day 

* The monthly deductible is $500/month for individuals, or $1000/month for family In-Network coverage. Feel free to request details about this plan. 

Application Deadline: Monday, June 14, 2021 at 5pm PDT. 

Ideal Start Date: Monday, August 9, 2021 

Application Process: See page 6. Please do not submit a traditional cover letter and your resume. Your application will be immediately disqualified. 

We highly encourage people with lived experience and/or people who identify as survivors of human trafficking to apply. We also encourage women, BIPOC, LGBTQI+, and people with disabilities to apply. 



The Director of Consulting (DoC) will lead Survivor Alliance’s social enterprise, an international consulting service that offers unique training and technical assistance in the anti-trafficking sector. Survivor Alliance’s consulting services include: (1) Allies Training and Development - Supporting individuals and organizations to become more survivor-informed and survivor-led; (2) Pathways to Employment Program - Co-creating employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking to start new careers; and (3) InSPIRE (Involving Survivors in Policy and Intervention Research) - Partnering with University and/or community-based researchers to ensure survivors are key agents in knowledge production. The DoC will build Survivor Alliance’s business plan for the next 3-5 years, helping to ensure consistent revenue for SA’s programs and services. The DoC will also serve on the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), alongside the Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Director of Survivor Alliance Academy. The SLT is responsible for aligning programs, culture, systems; nurturing the sustainability of Survivor Alliance; and serving as a role model of SA’s values internally and externally. 

The DoC must be warm and welcoming, and willing to embrace and international feminist anti-oppression stance. They should have no trouble living our core values (see below), and be equally invested in how we do our work as well as what we do. They must be a self-starter, have extensive experience as a consultant (in any related field), and they must enjoy adapting to various contexts and changing environments. We need someone who is able to balance the needs of our social enterprise, accountability to our customers/clients, and our commitment to ethical, supportive, and adaptive survivor leadership development. We want someone who has done their internal work to show up and be present and available for others, but also committed to the continual work of learning and growing. We need someone who is business savvy, and excited to build our social enterprise as part of Survivor Alliance’s sustainable funding model. 

Because the organization is very relational in how it operates, the skills and ability to build and maintain positive relationships are required. This includes stating one’s needs, bringing humor and joy, addressing conflicts, and positively managing group dynamics. 

We want this to be a good fit for both the candidate and our organization so we are happy to answer questions before you apply. However, before reaching out, please review information on our website to ensure that answers don’t readily exist. If you need any additional information to help you consider your candidacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to recruitment@survivoralliance.org [1]



Survivor Alliance unites and empower survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world to be leaders in the anti-slavery movement. Founded by three survivors of human trafficking, we are of, by, and for survivors. We believe that investing in survivors is a key anti-trafficking intervention. For too long, survivors have been ignored and tokenized in anti-trafficking work. Although there is greater inclusion in some countries such as the United States, it is not yet an integrated best practice in the US or throughout the world. Additionally, there remains a gap in ethical, meaningful, and structural engagement with survivors and limited actors developing guidance for survivor engagement. Survivor engagement in anti-trafficking work also remains siloed from other social justice movements, such as workers’ rights and gender-based violence movements. 

The Survivor Alliance team are the architects of connectivity. We build bridges between survivors and their own potential and between survivors of different experiences and backgrounds. We are also building bridges, alongside our fellow survivors, between their lives immediately after enslavement and what the rest of their life can be. 

By uniting survivors of human trafficking around the world and building collective power, Survivor Alliance pursues an intersectional approach to social justice. We believe that survivors of human trafficking are more than their experience of this particular trauma and we invite everyone to do the same. Our approach integrates personal healing and justice with community healing and justice. 

Through empowering survivors - by which we mean providing the resources, support and training so that survivors can harness their own inner power - we are supporting the growth of educated, self-aware, and capable survivor leaders. We share our lessons and methodology for working with survivors and link our members to opportunities in the anti-trafficking movement. In doing so, we are leading the field in how to engage with survivors and facilitating increased survivor-ally collaborations. In all of our programs, we focus on meaningful survivor inclusion, economic empowerment, and wellbeing. 

As of April 2021, we have 350 enrolled survivor members in over 20 countries. Our three core programs include Global Membership Program, Survivor Alliance Academy, and our Consulting and Referral Services. Our consulting clients have included the University of Nottingham, Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free Initiative, Freedom Fund, the UK’s Modern Slavery Policy and Evidence Center (MSPEC), and Anti-Slavery International. 

Most of our operational staff reside in the UK and are employed by Survivor Alliance UK CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise organization. We are registered in California and the United States as 501c3 (EIN 82-4425458). Please visit our website to learn more about our Board of Directors and staff, programs, and impact: www.survivoralliance.org



❖ Empathy - We bring an ethic of care to all that we do. We welcome the spectrum of human emotions and seek to be and do with others instead of for others. 

❖ Relationships - We believe that healthy and resilient relationships are central to social justice work. We invest in trauma-informed and healing-centered relationships. 

❖ Freedom - We believe that freedom is more than a lack of enslavement and that everyone deserves to define what freedom means to them. We hold that freedom is both an individual and collective journey. 

❖ Learning - We believe in curiosity, exploration, and ardent pursuit of new skills and knowledge. We also believe everyone deserves grace and support in this pursuit. 

❖ Authenticity - We want to build an environment where people can express who they are and what they think, feel, and believe. We seek to represent diverse views of our community and recognize that survivors’ and allies’ experiences are not uniform. 


The Director of Consulting will oversee Survivor Alliance’s Consulting and Referral Services, one of the organization’s three core programmatic areas. The key deliverables for this position in the first year are to: 

1. Establish on-boarding procedures for subcontractors delivering services on behalf of SA. 2. Work with the Deputy Director and Executive Director to develop a Business Plan for the Consulting Program, with revenue targets for 2022 and 2023. 

3. Work closely with the Deputy Director and the Finance Coordinator to streamline business processes including providing quotes to clients, reviewing contracts, assigning subcontractors, invoicing, and payment. 

4. Work closely with the Deputy Director to develop and improve marketing and communications regarding SA consulting services 

5. Successfully transition into the key point of contact for subcontractors and interested customers 

6. Build a strong working relationship with the Deputy Director and Executive Director 


Enterprise/Business Development (30%) 

● Work with the Deputy Director and Executive Director to develop a Business Plan for the Consulting Program, with revenue targets for 2022 and 2023. 

● Develop a Program Growth Plan that aligns with the Strategic Plan and determine appropriate staffing structure and funding requirements 

● Contribute to process improvements related to contract management, invoicing, and payment processing 

● Establish recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding procedures for subcontractors ● Work with DD to review and improve current marketing and communications regarding SA consulting services 

● Develop necessary processes and protocols for client selection 

● Work collaboratively with Director of SA Academy and SA Membership Coordinator to establish appropriate pipeline from membership to subcontractor 

● Oversee and manage program budget, cash flow, and expenses 

Client Relations and Project Management (30%) 

● Schedule and conduct initial “sales” calls with interested customers 

● Develop and apply a consistent criteria for selecting projects and customers

● Write, edit, review and send project proposals and quotes for services 

● Assess and understand customer’s needs and desired outcomes 

● Match subcontractors with customers and projects 

● Write, edit, review and send project reports as required 

● Draft and review contracts for services, ensuring SA maintains IP rights

● Manage deadlines for project deliverables across multiple projects 

● Work with subcontractors to ensure project updates are communicated properly and timely to customers 

● Coordinate logistics with customers and consultants as needed per project (e.g. scheduling project update meetings, sending calendar invites and Zoom links, updating project management tools, etc.) 

Leadership & Staff Development (20%) 

● Participate in Senior Leadership Team meetings to contribute to the overall strategic visioning, planning and monitoring of Survivor Alliance’s work 

● Participate in weekly staff check-ins or meetings 

● Demonstrate effective, values-driven leadership to all staff and consultants

● Foster a conducive environment that is transparent, accountable and supportive

● Represent Survivor Alliance in the U.S. (and elsewhere as required) 

● Ensure adherence to SA policies and communicate them to all program staff

● Actively engage with and build relationships with anti-slavery organizations, donors, corporations, policymakers and other relevant actors 

● Implement performance review processes for program staff and consultants 

Administrative (15%) 

● Manage personal workload, project timelines, calendering and scheduling

● Respond to emails, keep program documents organized, write up meeting notes

● Complete required organizational paperwork or processes (e.g. team surveys) 

Professional Development (5%) 

● Participate in monthly Staff Reading and Reflection Activities to continue learning about social injustice and social justice 

● Discuss professional development goals with DD and pursue agreed upon avenues for growth (e.g. workshops, readings, etc.) 


Candidate Criteria (Required) 

- Demonstrated commitment to our organizational values 

- Previous work experience with people who have experienced interpersonal trauma (e.g. homelessness, rape, war, child abuse, domestic violence, slavery or human trafficking) - At least 4 years of experience as an independent consultant (in any field) 

- Demonstrated ability to apply a nuanced understanding of accountability with different stakeholders (e.g. client, subcontractor, staff) 

- Ability to exercise judgement and assess consulting opportunities to balance a variety of organizational needs (e.g. need for revenue generation vs. values alignment) 

- Ability to synthesize and clearly articulate ideas verbally and in writing in English - Strong interpersonal communication skills with various stakeholders and people with diverse demographic backgrounds 

- Ability to manage budgets, contracts and deliverables, including driving projects from inception to implementation 

- Previous experience hiring, firing, and supervising employees 

- Strong computer skills, specifically with the Google Suite (Gmail and GDrive) and willingness to learn new software 

- Keen appreciation of quality and standards with ability to take responsibility for delivering quality results despite challenges 

- Willingness to provide a background check before starting employment (we welcome pre-disclosure and discussion regarding any sensitive information) 

- Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University in any country - Ability to set clear personal and professional boundaries 

- Ability to manage stress and utilize internal resilience 

- Ability to uphold our commitment to intersectional, anti-oppression approaches 

Candidate Criteria (Desired) 

- Previous experience developing a business plan 

- Experience managing subcontractors to deliver projects 

- Previous experience as a teacher/trainer/workshop facilitator 

- Previous experience with program monitoring and evaluation 

- Bilingual (English + any other language) 

Survivor Alliance is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or belief, disability, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by law. 


Application Process 

Application Deadline: Monday, June 14, 2021 5pmPDT 

Review of Letters and Request for Resumes: June 14 - 18, 2021 

Phone Screenings: June 21 - June 30, 2021 

Video Interviews: July 6 - 9, 2021 

Ideal Start Date: Monday, August 9, 2021 

Step 1: Submit a letter of interest in PDF format (450 words maximum) that includes the information below. Do not submit a resume at this stage or your application will be immediately disqualified. - Describe how you align with our core values and provide an example of how you enact one of the values regularly. 

- Describe what you learned from your previous work with people who have been through interpersonal trauma. 

- Include your name, email, phone number, and address. 

- Save the letter with the document title: YourFirstNameSurname_DoCLetterofInterest For example, MinhDang_DoCLetterofInterest.pdf 

Step 2: If requested, submit your resume as YourFirstNameSurname_DoCResume.pdf Step 3: If selected, we will offer you a 30 minute phone screening. 

Step 4: If we have a successful phone conversation, we will offer you an in-person or video interview and ask you to submit additional writing samples and references. The interview will take place with the Deputy Director, Executive Director, a current subcontractor, and a current Survivor Alliance member. 

  1. mailto:recruitment@survivoralliance.org

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Director of Consulting

Director of Consulting

Uniting and empowering survivors of slavery and human trafficking around the world  Director of Consulting Job Announcement  ______________________________________  SUMMARY  Commitment: Full-time, permanent, salaried position  Compensation: $70,

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