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Linda, here's a list of 6 remote jobs at X-COM, Shark Industries, Psygnosis and Blitz Arcade from the last 7 days.
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X-COM Product Marketing Leader
$70,000 USD / year
Wanted: an ambitious product marketing leader who will. Help Us Grow and Improve More Lives. Bamboo Company is looking for a Product Marketing Leader expert who thrives in high-growth, fast-paced environments and is passionate about health, fitness and helping people live their best life.
#canada #permanent #remote
workingnomads > sales-marketing this week
X-COM Social Media Strategist
$9,000 /mo, 1% equity
Loom is a boutique advertising agency focused on accelerating growth for lifestyle brands in the world of fashion, beauty, retail, travel, food and fitness. Founded in 2012, we favor remote ways of working, with team members located in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We encourage you to feel free to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have strong wifi. We are currently seeking a Social Media Strategist who will lead in the development of paid social media strategy and execute all campaigns for Facebook, Inst...
#social-media #advertising #paid-social #sales-marketing
nomadwork > customer support this week
Shark Industries Customer Success Engineer
Shark Industries
$40,000 - $60,000 USD / year
BoringCo is a groundbreaking database monitoring platform that gives developers and DBAs deep visibility into the database. Our solution is delivered as software-as-a-service and helps our customers see and analyze the work their databases are doing in unprecedented detail. It addresses critical issues in measuring and managing today's large, distributed, diverse storage tiers composed of multiple different clustered products, all working together.
#customer-support #engineer #full-time
nomadwork > marketing today
X-COM Digital Marketing Manager
$50,000 - $80,000 USD / year
If you love to nerd over digital marketing (paid and organic), proactively find new ways to grow, and work on a variety of projects, then we want you! ColosseumWeek is a SaaS tool for task scheduling, project planning, and team management. We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to improve the profitability of our paid advertising as well as build and grow our organic online presence. Ideally, you’d be happy to find and test new platforms that may work out for us and eventually help us get started with email marketing. If that sounds like...
#remote #estonia #marketing
authenticjobs > engineering this week
Psygnosis Software Tester
$30,000 USD / year
Our project teams usually consist of 1-5 developers plus UX/UI design and dedicated QA. Since we create custom software, our projects often involve different technologies and industries, so there is always something new to learn. We like to keep things interesting!
#crypto #react #javascript #backend #remote
remoteweekly > copywriting yesterday
Blitz Arcade Sr. Writer
Blitz Arcade
$40,000 USD / year
Do you love writing about how people lead teams, innovate, create winning products, and manage breakthrough marketing programs? Does double-spacing make your eye twitch? Are your editorial standards relentlessly high? As a Senior Writer at Duh!, you will have an excellent opportunity to join a self-funded and profitable company that is growing fast.
#part-time #copywriting
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