Rohit Ratna Sthapit

Rohit Ratna Sthapit

Fullstack developer

Kathmandu, Nepal

I am Sr. Software Engineer having more than 5 years of experience in SW - R&D (Software development and research). I started my programming journey from C & PHP. Later on, I have shifted my interest to using Python, Javascript and GIS based app development .

Expert in:

1. VCS: Git

2. Web: React, HTML, CSS, Django, Flask

3. Mobile: React Native

4. GIS ( ArcPy, Geoserver, QGIS)

5. Data Analysis and Mining (Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, Python)

Tools with hands-on Experience:

1. Vim, NeoVim

2. Visual Studio Code

3. Sketch

4. Figma

5. PowerBI



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