Let’s Be Friends

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Our goal is to help people land a remote job. Educate about the whole remote scene. We are trying hard not to be just another job board. Because who needs more of those?

There are couple of ways how we could work together.
But first, let me explain – what does Remote Weekly actually do?

  1. Remote Weekly – Portal with real time feed of remote jobs
    & other useful resources
  2. Our personalized newsletter service which cherry picks only relevant offers for each individual subscriber
  3. Remote Daily – Remote jobs fulltext search engine
  4. Last but not least: Our tiny but growing online communities
    • Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Instagram

Now, let’s get crackin.

Promoted job offers

Your highlighted vacancy can shine on our portal, newsletter and fulltext search.

With one-time purchase, you will get:

  1. 7 / 14 / 30 days of coverage inluding a free tier
  2. Highlighted spot in all newsletters related to your vacancy
  3. Highlighted spot in our fulltext search for results related to your vacancy
    (Google search style)
  4. Highlighted spot on our portal with real time job feed & other lists
  5. Honorable mention on our social media accounts


Interested? Post your job here.


Did you create a masterclass level online course? Kickass product aimed at remote workers? We can help you spread the message!

What can you expect:

  • Our ads are displayed between individual listings
  • They are clearly marked so there is no confusion for the visitor / subscriber
  • We support ads on our portal, newsletter and fulltext search
  • Only relevant ads are displayed to each visitor / subscriber
  • It’s possible to display your ad in the position #1


Interested? Contact us


Fan of our work? It’s always nice when people mention us on Twitter, share our content on Facebook or send a nice DM on Reddit or Instagram. Thank you ❤️

How would you like a mention in every single email we send? Maybe a sleek banner on top of our website?

We are open to all suggestions! If you think we could be beneficial to each other, please drop us a line.

Of course, if you run a local pizza company, it’s probably not gonna work for either of us.


Interested? Contact us

What didn’t fit

Our data

“This is cool and all, but do you have any data based on which we could decide if Remote Weekly is a good fit for us?”

Well, sure! Most of our numbers are publicly available at remoteweekly.ai/open – take a look.

Guest posts

Do you have any remote work related reading material you’d like to share? Please! Let us know.

PS: Our press kit is available at Dropbox.